In the engine design suite, NOVART’s rocket design and simulation software starts the rocket’s production cycle by choosing rocket’s propellants. In this part of the software, the user is able to test different propellants with different mixture ratios by running the software’s chemical equilibrium solver and comparing the combustion results. On this step, the user is supplied with detailed propellant specifications.

After deciding the propellants and their ratios, the software moves to its engine design environment. In this environment, the user can enter engine size specifications, and compare different engine designs with the help of the performance data graphed by the software’s engine design tool. The user can obtain and export information about the estimated thrust, specific impulse and weight of the engine.

After designing the engine, the software moves on the designing the rocket’s mechanical components. In this part of the software, the user is free to design mechanical parts with any size and shape, and the software will run extensive aerodynamics calculations, and supplies the user with information about rocket’s center of mass and center of pressure.

Finally, the software moves on the its flight simulation environment. This part of the software stands out from its competitiors with its accurate 6 degree of freedom flight simulation. This simulation is capable of estimating the rocket’s highest altitude, flight duration, flight path and landing location on a 3D world map.

In the software, the user can return to any step of design, and make modifications to compare the end results, or if the user has a specific design path, they can run the parts of the software in any desired order. This versatility allows the user to design a rocket according to any predetermined information or mission.

NOVART’s rocket design and simulation software is a tool that can be used for all kinds and levels of rocketry. Every aspect of this software is field tested and verified with experimental data, which makes it a highly reliable rocket design software for every user.

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